Walco Civil and Construction

Walco is a construction company dealing with building your dream house and roof to specifications. ITS (Internatinal Truss Systems).

We here at Walco Civil and Construction cc, have been striving to uphold a high quality of workmanship now for years.

We specialize in doing open cast mining, front end loading, mechanical grave digging, excavating, tree felling, and earth moving to name but a few. We also undertake demolition work of factories, housing, site clearing etc.

International Engineering Resource Base

The company is a member of the building product division of Elecplc of the United Kingdom, and therefore enjoys direct access to the research and development resources and market experience of established international performers in the British and European prefabricated timber roof truss and allied industries. Elecoplc has developed a reputation over the pass 100 years for finding solutions to the most complex customer demands and outstanding technical innovation. We can design the completion with all your extra kitchen and imported bathroom accesories.

The owner of the company Kervin Isaacs traveled across the world, also to find better technics to build houses, with an Engineering background for better and reliable building in the fast growing Economy.


To build a reputable construction enterprise rated among the best building and civil engineering construction companies in Southern Africa.


To provide excellent service delivery through planning, co-ordination and management of systems and facilities in order to promote sustainable growth and quality in construction.

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